29 May 2015

East Legend MOD 1.1.6 APK


App Name: East Legend
Version: 1.1.6 MOD
Package Name: com.com2us.projecteast.normal2.freefull.google.global.android.common
Requirements: ANDROID 2.3 or Higher
File Size: 36 MB

East Legend MOD 1.1.6 APK East Legend MOD 1.1.6 APK

underclassblog.com--- This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for extra items.

Your story will become the LEGEND!
Go on an adventure to find the legendary Halidoms: Wisdom, Eden, Holy Script, and Chalice.
Join the Heroes to find the Chalice and save the world!

  • Utilize each Hero's unique skills to protect Deosis from the devils.
  • Become the Superb Knight to find the Chalice and close the Hell Gates.
  • You're the only one who can bring back the legendary Heroes for the Chalice Search!

  • Explore around Deosis to defeat the devils who've come through the Hell Gates.
  • Gear up with various items to strengthen your powers to save the world!

  • Fight against the Boss with your friends in the Boss Raid.
  • Participate in the fierce PvP in the Colosseum.
  • Join a Guild to find powerful allies.
  • Enter the Treasure Dungeon to get the legendary treasures.

It's time to start your own legend!

What's New
  • Item Book Update
The item that can be Crafted will shake once you acquire all required materials in the Item Book.
  • Minor bug fixes

What's MOD
  1. Weak Monster (1 Hit KO)
  2. 3X Speed (original only 1.5X Speed)

Optional (I can install and play mod apk immediate without installing original playstore ver but in case someone have issue, try below)
  1. Install Playstore Original Apk first and then clear tutorial, login to HIVE to save your profile and savegame. (otherwise you might get purchase error or other issues)
  2. Uninstall original Playstore game
  3. Install this mod apk
  4. Data file will be downloaded ingame (note : requires approx 420M)

Credit: AndyLee

Download East Legend MOD 1.1.6 APK FREE

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Do you have mod for version 1.1.7 yet?

we will update it soon, be patient

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