14 May 2015

Townsmen Premium 1.5.0 APK


App Name: Townsmen Premium
Version: 1.5.0
Package Name: com.hg.townsmen7
Requirements: 2.3.3 or Higher
File Size: 42.5 MB

Townsmen Premium 1.5.0 APK Townsmen Premium 1.5.0 APK

underclassblog.com--- From humble backwater to medieval metropolis - build the city of YOUR own dreams!
Play without ads and start with 250 Prestige!

Develop your tiny village to a grand medieval empire with a thriving economy and happy villagers! Find spots for mining ore, harvest the crops of your farms and collect coins as taxes from your folk. Build jousting fields, taverns, marketplaces and beautify your city with impressive statues, magnificent monuments and lush gardens. You rule the whole empire from your castle and make sure your inhabitants have fun and stay happy!

  • City-building gameplay set in medieval times
  • Cute inhabitants with their own daily routines
  • Complex economy sim and deep production chains
  • Dozens of different town and production buildings
  • Diverse scenarios and challenging tasks
  • Unrestricted sandbox gameplay mode
  • Full tablet support
  • Supports Google Play game services

What's New
  • 3 new endless maps
  • Many bugfixes like the missing merchant!
  • Fixed problem with Google login/logout
  • Added backup for the user profile to prevent data loss
  • supports immersive mode on Android 4.4
  • You can now tap away the special offers
  • Changed how water and food happiness are calculated
  • Tweaked the tutorial
  • Some bugfixes like a crash in the gallery
  • Track achievements offline
  • Fixed graphic issues on certain devices after an Android update

Townsmen Premium 1.5.0 APK

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