26 July 2015

Dragon Eyed MOD 1.0.7 APK


App Name: Dragon Eyed
Version: 1.0.7 MOD
Package Name: com.actoz.dragoneyed
Requirements: ANDROID 3.0 or Higher
File Size: 32.7 MB

Dragon Eyed MOD 1.0.7 APK Dragon Eyed MOD 1.0.7 APK Dragon Eyed MOD 1.0.7 APK Dragon Eyed MOD 1.0.7 APK

underclassblog.com--- A story you'll remember forever!
  • Eye-catching dramatic scenes to immerse you completely into the game world!
  • Dive into Dragon Eyed and become part of an incredible story!

Ultimate action with heroic characters!
  • High-quality 3D graphics that will satisfy your eyes!
  • Incomparable action and skills to maximize the excitement of the battlefield!
  • A multitude of classes and customizable heroes make it easier for you to form your own strategic party!
  • Form mighty alliances throughout the storyline and grow stronger together!

Acquire epic equipment to wield powerful skills!
  • Combine different skills given to equipment for a battle advantage.
  • Equipment and skills become stronger as the story unfolds!
  • Upgrade skills and equipment to the maximum level by playing the game!

Obliterate enemies in one shot! with Burst skills!
  • What is a ‘Burst’ skill? Burst skills are triggered by abnormal states. They can be integrated with the general skills for powerful combos.
  • Obliterate enemies in one shot through strategic skill combinations under your control!

Endless variety of stages and intense actions!
  • The more you play, the more diverse stages will get, ranging from Adventure, Maze, and Deep Hollow to Horde Defence!
  • Defeat gigantic bosses in raid battles and win the ultimate rewards!

Get the highest rank on the battlefields!
  • Forget all the boring PvP systems you’re used to! Steal your opponent’s rank in real time and enjoy rewards based on your rank through this fast-paced PvP system!!
  • Defeat other adventurers to get the best rank and reap your rewards!

What's New
  1. Improvements Optimizing the animation loading
  2. In-game balance adjustments Adjusting the balance of Arena
  3. Bug fixes Fixing the issue that the Arena rewards have not been distributed properly.

What's MOD
  • 1 Hit K.O.

Credit : PwnX

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