30 January 2017

SuperSU Me Pro 9.4.8 Patched APK

SuperSU Me Pro 9.4.8 Patched APK

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App Name: SuperSU Me Pro
Version: 9.4.8
Package Name: darkslide.com.supersumepro
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
File Size: 6.8 MB

SuperSU Me Pro 9.4.8 Patched APK SuperSU Me Pro 9.4.8 Patched APK

www.underclassblog.com — if you want other root methods supported, email me.. PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW !!

** Major Update - Have finally defeated their KingRoot 5.x protection mechanisms !! **
Look at what's going on between us and other countries right now and you tell me if other countries do not want root access to your devices..

After installing KingRoot and rooting with it. Please reboot your device and verify you still have root, before running Super-Sume Pro. During Super-Sume's process, if Kingroot keeps popping up at any time asking for root access, please do not allow access back to it.

Note 4 users, this will fight for your right for root !! (Warning: Do NOT remove apps from /system/apps or /system/priv-app or it could cause issues. Block them instead from either the command line or with Debloater)
Also, Note 4 users, turn OFF automatic updates in the Playstore, because it will uninstall and reinstall this app during an update and when that happens you will lose protection.

Soft reboot button built into the program on the upper right, under the context menu / 3 dots..
Sony Xperia Z3 users, if you find that after you run the app after rooting with KingRoot upon a reboot, that your system loops on the home screen crashing, you need to boot into recovery, factory reset and then when the phone comes up, you go to the PlayStore and install SuperSU and you should find that you are completely rooted with SuperSU and no signs of KingRoot exist.

If you are running an older version of KingRoot, prior to 4.1, you need to upgrade it prior to running this for best results.

Guys, please leave a review so I can get a feeling of how the program is working.. If I ask you to email me and you do not, don't complain about it not working for you. I will work with you to resolve the issue.

So unfortunately the rooting methods available to most Android users has diminished over time. Fortunately there are some good rooting programs available though. One of these is Kingroot. While it is good at doing what it is intended to do, we do not know for sure all of the information it is collecting and sending to China. So with all of that said, this program will remove all of the Kingroot applications and associated binaries and install SuperSU and allow you to update the su binary, etc..
Also, please do not rate this low without giving me the opportunity to respond to you in an email first.

If you do not know what rooting is, this tool is not for you. I take no responsibility for the state your device might be left in by trying to remove KingRoot, they will try and fight to keep themselves implanted on your device.

What's New
- Major Update to support KingRoot 5.x removal
- Update and optimized code
- Trying to fix Sony devices and /system mounts
- Removed support for old Android OS's
- Added some protection mechanisms
- Please leave a review, I need to hear from you
- Updated to properly support Marshmallow releases
- Yes you will now be prompted for SuperSU to update binaries, just choose Normal.

NOTE: If you experience difficulties with downloading SuperSU Me Pro 9.4.8 Patched APK from given links below, please try to login first to those file hosting before download (it's free to create an account), make sure to uncheck "Use our download manager and get recommended downloads" or similar, if any.

SuperSU Me Pro 9.4.8 Patched APK Posted on: http://www.underclassblog.com/2017/01/supersu-me-pro-9-4-8-apk.html

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