23 October 2017

Guideride by B58 v2


On behalf of TeamB58 and Team UMB, I heartily welcome you all to this Birthday treat of B58.
Well, this is an all in one guide and tool for anything and everything related to APK.

Well, this guide ride is all about what all can be done with an APK. The main areas of concentration here will be:
1. Install APK directly onto storage of the phone.
2. Break the APK into codes and resources
3. View java codes used in an APK.

What does this do? 
This script adds the following shortcuts to right click menu when you right click on an APK and a folder.
    1. Check out java codes used in this APK?
    2.  Install APK to phone?
    3.  Play with APK?
    4.  Convert it back to APK?  
I have provided in depth explanation in the provided document. All the required tools are provided along with this post.

NOTE: First install framework by using the command "B58mastertool if framework-res.apk" so that it supports Android O.

The password to  extract the package is : TeamB58

Feel free to contact us back for any other information required.

Thank You,
TeamB58 and Team UMB.


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Hello ,why not visible b58 mods, status page, only home page visible

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